Sunday, 13 November 2016

Attention Leftist Millennials: You're the Reason Trump Won

I'm a 27 year old migrant from the UK currently living in Texas. I have Asperger's Syndrome and Dyspraxia, and have been diagnosed in recent years with major depression and even more recently with generalised anxiety disorder. I used practically most of my savings to get here, and despite the fact that my wife works full-time as an assistant manager at Domino's Pizza, we are broke and currently in debt. I received my LPR (legal permanent resident) card not too recently, but am still waiting on my SSN (social security number) and so can't legally work yet and so am jobless. To top it off, I can't drive, and we're too broke to afford a second car anyway. Moreover, despite having good qualifications, my former zone of habitation (the Isle of Wight) was a jobless, economic cesspool (it has thrice the average national unemployment figures, and twice the regional average last time I checked) and so my job history isn't exactly spectacular. I managed a two month stint at a telecommunications company before being made redundant, a 13-week temporary contract with a supermarket chain, a one-month stint at McDonalds before being let go for apparently 'not being enthusiastic enough' despite being the only person who seemed happy to be working, and a whole slew of voluntary jobs and work placements of varying lengths.

Yet, wealthy, middle-class millennials who presumably have never had to work a day in their life and live off mummy and daddy are staging whinge-fests across America because their feelings are hurt. Why are their feelings hurt? Because Donald Trump was elected president of the United States (and also more generally because people disagree with them). Moreover, in a breathtaking display of irony and lack of self-awareness, they are doing everything they attacked or accused their political opponents of. When people said they thought Texas should secede and wanted to end the electoral college, the left labelled them 'racist neo-confederates'. Now the same people are calling for the abolition of the electoral college and want California to secede. The left said that Trump supporters would be angry and running riot through the streets should Trump lose. Now those same people are the ones running riot through the streets because Trump won (and also, it seems, because they don't understand the voting system of their own country). Yet despite living the most insulated and privileged lives imaginable, and despite wanting to destroy people who disagree with them, they are painting themselves as the victim. Law students at Berkeley are having hurt-feeling stress relief sessions where they are playing with lego and playdough. Because their political candidate lost the presidential election. If these people even had a tenth of my problems, they'd probably commit suicide. Heck, they'd probably do the same if they had one percent of my problems.

What do these people know about hardships? Indeed, wealthy, middle-class liberals (who have no idea what conditions actual poor and working class people have to go through) claim to 'love' the poor, all whilst advocating policies that enrich the political class at the expense of the poor. These same liberals, of course, being those who are responsible for eight years of Obama. And what did that get you? Indeed, the US now has $20 trillion in debt. Deficit spending, TARP programs, quantitative easing, artificially low interest rates, the assassination of international and American citizens without trial or due process, the expansion of domestic and foreign spying programs. Did you imbeciles even think to yourselves that, 'hmm, maybe, what we need is LESS government and NOT more.' But no, you morons looked the other way, all for the 'greater good' of the ideology and the party, because die partei hat immer recht (the party is always right). When people, fed up with their living conditions deteriorating and the cost of living going up, dared criticise your insane policies, you labelled the racists, sexists, homophobes, and all manner of vile abuse that, aside from being manifestly untrue, actually describes the left. And instead of stopping to think, 'hey, let's have a dialogue and find some solutions for these problems' you just stuck your fingers in your ears and kept shouting the other side down.

Well, that's how your side lost, you mountebanks. People got fed up with being shouted at, and got fed up with the snake oil your BS-merchant politicians were selling. Did you imbeciles not pay attention to what happened in the UK? This is why the left lost the remain argument in the Brexit debate. But instead of paying attention and taking note, you made the same mistakes again. The DNC conspired with Hillary Clinton's campaign to give her the Democratic party nomination, when instead they could have given it to Bernie Sanders who, despite being economically illiterate, could have at least beaten Trump. When WikiLeaks kept exposing the depths of Clinton's depravity, you guys just stuck your fingers in your ears once more and tried blaming it on 'Russian Hackers'. Do you even possess more than half a brain? Do you understand any of the laws of logic, or any of the rules of logical inference? Did William Tyndale burn at the stake in 1536 for the cause of vernacular English so that infantilised 20-somethings could write cry-baby slogans on signs? In 1439, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press, could he ever have foreseen the nightmare scenario where one-day a significant portion of modern millennials would be advocating the banning of literature that disagrees with them? They have all the benefits of modernity, but the minds of the young plateau in their childhoods. Lifes joys consist of meaningless social highs instead of intellectual or academic pursuits.

Of course, I am probably wasting my time. The total failure of every leftist policy in the history of the world, the collapse of every nation founded on purely leftist principles, etc. wasn't enough to rouse the left from their echo chamber induced delusion. No, instead they just continued to guffaw clouds of inexpensive beer and wine, and kept themselves firmly and fully inculcated in their life-destroying myths. So, even though their ideology has been dealt two more crippling blows in the form of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, I doubt they're going to suddenly start realising the merits of libertarianism and limited government any time soon. I apologise for being so dramatic and using strong language, but most of us have REAL problems, and the majority of those real problems are the result of leftism. Get a grip, and learn to accept reality. Moreover, reading a book by someone who disagrees with you won't kill you. You should try it sometime. Learn how to think. Learn how to utilise the rules of logical inference. Stop being emotional children. That's what lost you the argument. That's what lost you the Brexit referendum. That's what lost you the US presidential election. Stop fearmongering, stop name calling and actually engage in dialogue with those with whom you disagree.